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Being young at heart, nostalgic, or stunted with your musical taste?


In a couple of months I’m going to see Bruce Springsteen in concert in Sydney. Sure, he’s and older artist, and sure, many of the fans will be vastly older than me (though I don’t think I’ll be the youngest fan there by any measure), but this is not nostalgia, or youth or anything else like that speaking. It’s just me being a music fan, and grabbing an opportunity I might never have again to see a legendary musician perform (missed the 2003 concert, which was a shame as I’ll never see Clarence “Big Man” Clemons now).

I pondered this as I pondered the musical tastes of many. For a lot of music fans, “staying young” or being “young at heart” means listening to the same music they listened to as a teenager for the rest of their adult lives. How else can you explain concerts like this one — Pseudo Echo? 1927? I don’t recall if they were particularly good at the time even, let alone 25 years later! But I won’t criticise people for going along with that (or the musicians for continuing to do their thing), but personally, I just don’t get it.

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