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Stephen Turner

7 Nelson Street,
Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia, 2357.
Phone: 02 6842 5268 (H)
0432 568 767 (M)



High School: Epping Boys High, Higher School Certificate.

University: University of Wollongong, Bachelor of Creative Arts (major in Writing/Journalism.)

TAFE Certificate III in Government Services (School based support), 2012.

Certificate of completion of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training program from CPI Australia, 2013 (undertaken at Coonabarabran High School).

Completion of multiple WH&S courses and training packages through the Department of Education (at Coonabarabran High School).


Walkley Foundation Innovation Grant, 2014:

Text Prize for Fiction finalist, 2010. Walkley Award Winner (Online journalism), 2001. Youth Week Writer’s Award top 3 finalist, 2001. National Young Playwrights Award top 30 finalist, 1994.


General skills:

  • Proven experience working unsupervised in team and solo project work.
  • Demonstrated writing and communication ability, using both creativity and logic.
  • Highly computer literate: Excellent experience in all standard desktop software such as Microsoft Office and other equivalent packages.
  • Highly Internet literate: Twenty years experience online – including a strong understanding of the issues behind web design, site architecture and user experience.
  • Extensive experience in using Internet design tools such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Moderate experience with print design tools such as InDesign.
  • Experience understanding, troubleshooting, researching and solving computer and technology problems for a wide variety of users.
  • Ability to easily pick up new knowledge and learn new tools easily, especially in computers and technology.
  • Demonstrated ability to explain difficult concepts in a simple form, especially when technology related.
  • Eagerness to take on new challenges.

Work Experience:

Technology Support Officer, Coonabarabran High School.

February 2010 to June 2014

Management of student laptop program at Coonabarabran High School, and support, administration and assistance with all technology in the wider school environment. Creation of documents, help sheets, videos and other material to help students and staff with technology use.

Informal support, assistance and advice to a wide network of teachers and other staff through various online forums — mainly an internal Yammer forum and on Twitter.

Active work as a class assistance for the Media Publications course program, involving regular in-class work directly with students, involvement in external activities and programs (such as the school musical) and technology assistance as required in many classes, including the Support Unit.

Skills involved:

  • Technical knowledge in hardware and software troubleshooting, problem identification and problem solving.
  • Dealing with a wide variety of users, from students of many ages to teachers with a wide range of experience and computer knowledge.
  • Ability to coordinate a range of tasks in a largely self-directed job and complete them all in good time.


  • Drastically improving the time taken to solve computer issues at the school by being available and being efficient with my skills and workload.
  • Successfully roll-out of a four year laptop program to the school and actively maintaining an even larger technology base, coordinating supplies and accessories through budgeting and planning.
  • Successful creation of a new school website (with WordPress) to liaise better with staff, students and the community. This was a technical and organisational job, bringing together many staff and coordinating all the requirements for the site.
  • Ongoing involvement as a technical and class assistant for the Media Publications class, working regularly with students of many different backgrounds to improve their knowledge. These multimedia skills have been further extended to other subject areas with other teachers and students.


Web Editor. Australian Penthouse magazine, Horwitz Publications.

April 2008 to February 2010.

Web Editor for Australian Penthouse magazine website, covering editorial, site management and administration. Involved in email newsletter creation and delivery and work on image editing and publishing.

Skills involved:

  • Content and website management for a large website.
  • Writing and editing stories and articles for website publication.
  • Use of multiple creative software packages such as Photoshop for site and image editing, Dreamweaver for page design and Premiere for video editing.
  • Site construction and design in the WordPress CMS, and training and support in staff use of same CMS.
  • General technology skills to assist a small office in IT matters.
  • Coordination of weekly email newsletter publication.


  • Raising the website search engine profile using the meagre tools available.
  • Coordination of weekly email newsletter publication to boost audience engagement.
  • Redesign of website in a new CMS (WordPress), taking 100 per cent ownership of that redesign and being solely responsible for all tasks of design, programming and management.


Chief Sub-editor. CNET Networks Australia.

March 2006 to April 2008.

Sub-editor for all CNET Networks Web content, including reviews, features, news and marketing material. Some writing also, including blog-style entries and reviews, and also general input into the company’s online direction.
See company site and especially for scope of sub-editing work.

Skills involved:

  • Detailed sub-editing of many different types of Web content, including news, reviews, features and marketing material.
  • Extensive use of various content management systems for online publishing.
  • General use of computer tools for editing and Web production.
  • Extensive knowledge of the computer industry and online world.
  • Independent work ethic, teamwork and organisation, general computer skills, working to tight deadlines.


  • Lead role in improving accuracy and quality of all text material produced by the company.
  • Establishment of internal style guide for content creation within the company.
  • General contribution to direction of online publishing within the company.


Content Producer, TV Guides, HWW Content.

April 2004 to March 2006.

Production and editing of national free to air and pay TV program data, along with editing and processing of guide content and publishing in a variety of formats including print and the web.
See for style of work.

Skills involved:

  • Detailed sub-editing of TV guide listings.
  • Extensive use of specialist computer database and content management systems for the collating and editing of TV guide data.
  • Involvement in layout and editing of guides for TV Week (a major client).
  • Extensive knowledge of television and popular culture.
  • Independent work ethic, teamwork and organisation, general computer skills, working to tight deadlines.


  • Contribution to launch of TV Week guide program listings contract.
  • Involvement in television and film reviews for and sites.
  • Gaining of significant editorial experience for a major print publication.


Web Publications Officer, IDP Education Australia. 

January 2002 to April 2004.

Web production, design, editorial work and project development for internal and external clients, mainly within IDP’s core international student recruitment business.

Skills involved:

  • Website design and content sub-editing.
  • Extensive use and administration of the EdDesk content management system.
  • Graphic design and HTML coding.
  • Independent work ethic, teamwork and organisation, general computer skills, working to tight deadlines.


  • Implementation of Boomerang and SWaP student publications online with great success.
  • Coordination of email newsletter system for company-wide use.
  • Key role in company’s transition to regular Internet publishing for all business units.


Internet Producer, Sydney Morning Herald Online – Grade 3 Sub-editor.

September 1999 to August 2001.

Editorial writing and editing, website development and general production for the Icon computer section, That’s Entertainment website and general news site.

Skills involved:

  • Writing and sub-editing.
  • Website design, editing and HTML coding.
  • News and entertainment knowledge.
  • Independent work ethic, teamwork and organisation, general computer skills, working in hectic situations to tight deadlines.


  • Coordination of Icon computer site over a crucial rebuilding and redesign period.
  • Involvement in Walkley Award winning SMH Sydney Olympics website team.
  • Major role in creation and ongoing development of new entertainment site section.


Webmaster, Todaytech Computers.
March 1999 to September 1999.

Website design and updating – Australian Telemarketing Association.
January 1999 to March 1999.

Sales Assistant, Electronics Boutique.
November 1998 to January 1999.

Internet Technical Support Representative, Telstra Bigpond Internet
December 1996 to March 1998. 

Writer, non-sports department, “Stadium” magazine.
December 1995 to March 1998.



General: Writing, Internet activities, movies, reading, comics, watching sports, listening to music, playing guitar and keyboards, drawing.

Sporting: Rugby League, touch football, golf, cricket, swimming.



Mel Johnston, Principal, Coonabarabran High School.

Phone: 02 6842 1099 (School)

0407 937 614 (Personal mobile)


Emma Rankmore, Teacher, Coonabarabran High School.

Phone: 02 6842 1099 (School)

0487 179 822 (Personal mobile)

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