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Here’s what we should do Rupert

Rupert: you ugly old luddite
Rupert: you ugly old luddite

In response to this recent news:

Murdoch warns Google: it’s time to pay

What we all really need to do is stop linking to News Ltd sites. Stop blogging about them, stop submitting to Digg, Stumbleupon, linking on Facebook, Twitter, whatever.

Murdoch appears not to want this… unless we pay, of course.

It’s a boycott of sorts, but clearly he doesn’t think that his content needs to be promoted — we all know it’s just perfect already, and we should all be immediately paying for it.

And in the spirit of the main article, Google must immediately remove all News Ltd material from the search logs. No one can be allowed to find it without paying. As usual, he seems to have completely lost track of how the Internet works… apparently News Ltd content will just stand out by itself now, because it clearly has no competition.

There is only one way I can think of this being good for Murdoch, and it involves finding at least one other big company to be very stupid. But that’s for another time.

For now, we really should just boycott News Ltd on the web. And as a Simpsons/Buffy/Dollhouse/Bones fan, let’s clarify and say News Ltd news content — because that will be HYSTERICALLY EASY 🙂

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