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This one came along kind of earlier in the year (application in March, part-time start in May). but I didn’t realise straight away how good it would be, or how life changing…

I’ve been actively trying to get a new job for about 2 years now. Anyone who knows me knows this, although I probably haven’t let on to many just how dissatisfied I had become with my old job. Working in tech support for a high school is something I’ve done for 13 years now, since 2010 (5 years full-time, 8 years part time). but it looks like it’s finally coming to an end. And it probably should have a few years ago. but that’s fine.

After a whole bunch of attempts at getting some decent online remote support work and never quite getting there, in March I saw a Facebook ad for a company called Driversnote advertising for online remote support staff in Australia. They made an app for tracking your driving mileage for tax reimbursement records. which I had actually used once before so it was still on my phone. Doesn’t sound super exciting. I figured. but it’s obviously a successful business that people need. All good, I’ll give it a go — the chance looks good, and it’s only Australia they’re looking at, not the whole world.

And seemingly just like that. after a few video interviews with nice folks in Denmark (where the company is based). suddenly I had the job! At first, only part time.

So I started doing that,. and doing my old work too. An interesting combo, but my job was really working for me. I started to get to know everyone there, working in the day time and doing video chats and meetings at night. Nice people, interesting work with both a technical and customer service bent.

As the year has gone on. my knowledge has improved, I’ve been doing even more things including some help article writing and video sales chats with customer. And my skills have got better…. and heading towards the end of the year I have been offered more hours… so I don’t have to do anything else!

My school contract expired before Christmas, and while I thought there would be some discussion there it just ended. And it doesn’t need to be renewed. No hard feelings there of course, still lovely people and all. But I think it was long past time that I moved on.

And in November something else happened too relating to my job… but I’ll grab another post for that 🙂

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