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I have an adult son now! (Or Happy 18th birthday Will!)

Will earlier today with his first main present — a massive Marvel Studios history art book.

Take your pick because either headline is quite remarkable.

Will is 18 now. Will that is my oldest son. Will that has my kidney. Wonder Will.

It’s a great day for him and he took it in his own typically quiet way. He loves his movies and his art books and he’s content to spend the day with them. We’re going away for a few days tomorrow which includes a big Gold Class movie night and a big Kinokuniya art book blitz, both things he loves. An the movies are at his beloved Westfield Parramatta (it’s hard to explain) that he hasn’t seen a movie at for 10 years.

So it’s a couple of days of doing Will things, which should be fun. He’s his own person and he moves at his own pace.

And he’s 18 now. An adult. He gets to vote in the upcoming election. But he won’t likely rush off for a lot of the other “adult” things for a while. That’s fine too. He’s going his own way and I like that too 🙂

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