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The word I try not to say and what I should say instead

Happy new year and all and it’s a week into 2022 and rather than being a bright new year you would be forgiven for seeing the year as anything other than a total shit show again. As if the last nearly two years wasn’t enough on so many levels, 2022 so far at least seems to be trying to outdo it.

Since the whole world has talked about the C-word for nearly that two years (and I really say enough about it on Twitter and the like anyway), I won’t even say it here. Needless to say it has coloured everything that has happened for nearly two years now, what I have done and especially what I have not done.

Be that as it may, you still want a new year to start with new thoughts and new hope. I’m doing some different things anyway — working some shifts at the town library, in a general assistant type role, for one. Honestly, it’s solid and enjoyable work, just dealing with borrowers and reshelving loads of books everyday. I know what I’m doing, I know the subject matter and while it isn’t taxing it is enjoyable and a good bit of extra income.

And we will even take a week away at the end of the month, which is a good thing. There is a certain argument that right now no one should go anywhere, but honestly, the risk is the same at home as it is anywhere else. And we don’t exactly go to nightclubs anymore, and we will keep to our own space or outside, so really it’s all much the same. And it’s just good to get away.

So, on with another year. I can’t attach too may expectations to it, but I can just try to do good things.

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