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Where to with writing — and Hold Steady muppets

I’ve basically worked out that there’s something stopping me from writing. I’m so certain that putting the right work in there will do me so much good, but mentally there is just something wrong (no, not mental in that way wise ass…)

It’s probably a terribly common thing for most writers, but if I can find what is causing this block for me, I will be free. Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of not being good enough? Fear that all the effort won’t get me anywhere even if it’s good? It’s all ridiculous, I know, but it’s just another thing weighing on me in a sea of issues… and somehow resolving this one I really think is the key to solving nearly everything for me.

On a much lighter and happier note, found this on a blog today — it’s The Hold Steady so it’s magnificent. Don’t know who made it, but this is so damn fun it should be their official video (don’t know if Henson would give permission though).\, since I haven’t seen one for “Sequestered In Memphis” yet. And I love the fact that it all comes down to the editing. Behold:

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