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Weekend wonders

Rained a lot today, so we didn’t go out much, but we enjoyed the day just the same. Doing some packing now, which is necessary, but annoying already. Can’t believe we have to move again after only a year, but it’s a done deal.

Both Will and Alex just seem to be more animated and communicative every day, despite what we’re so often told. Alex has no words yet, but he’s more chattery, and definitely more focused and engaged with his environment. He still has his door fixation, but he’s happier in a more direct way, and he does respond to us more, and listen to us a little more, which is such a clear advancement.

And Will is just so cute… he’s got this amazing sense of humour and sarcasm, he’s more verbose, and his conversations are going way beyond short sentences and lots of repeating. And his voices and acting make me think of him as “theatre boy”, and his memory is really amazing. He’ll see something and tell us where we bought it a year ago, and of course he knows the Pixar movies nearly off by heart now. Cars especially… and I want to buy more of the toys because the ones we’ve got are so good for his imagination.

Well… that’s what you do as a parent on a rainy day…

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