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Listen to that coughing

At least it’s finally not coming from me of course. I’m mostly well (though I seem to get a good cough at morning and late at night when it’s cold), and Alex is good, but Will is coughing really badly (among other things), and Sallie might just have what I had. This stuff just goes through the family I guess…

Talked to the teachers at the kid’s childcare yesterday… sort of a parent/teacher night, which was something surprising to do already, but good anyway. And it turned out that Will is doing great considering all he’s had to deal with, while Alex is the one to watch now… we really need to see him doing some more talking, which he really isn’t. I mean, there’s nothing really to worry about, but we should watch for things anyway.

The little report book they prepared for Will was the cutest thing (there was one for Alex as well but Will’s had more of course). Photos of him in various activities, artwork, and I especially liked the little descriptions of ihs various activities on different days. A really cute detail on his development, and I really liked the trouble they’d gone to in creating this.

It’s still cold here of course… but I’ve noticed the days are longer. Maybe something is changing…

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