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Oddly busy

I actually felt like I achieved a lot at work today, just for a change. Got in at a fair time, worked hard, had only a small break but didn’t leave the office (not that I should usually do that), but then left at a great time, got some DVDs and got home by 6.30pm, which is good.

Didn’t feel “brilliant”, but it was a change just to feel like I got something done today, and wasn’t completely overwhelmed. There was some really inane crap as usual, but despite the difficulty I managed to work through it and still get the right things done.

Quiet night as always, but damn tired really (doesn’t stop me staying up till late as usual though). Alex is as crazy as always, and Will’s just a great little guy… he seems to be getting better after his doctors visit today, so he was chatty, and keen to do things like clean his teeth… and keen to tell me all about it. Promised him we’d look for more Cars toys tomorrow when we go to the new food markets — that’s a promise he always makes sure we keep 🙂

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