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This is all we need

Shouldn’t be surprised at all really, but now we’ve been given a notice of eviction, and we have to leave our current house in 30 days.

We were kind of conned into this — we’ve been here nearly a year now, and just a few months after we moved in on what was supposedly a “long term lease”, we heard the owner really wanted to demolish and do some big double house thing. We managed to wrangle a year’s lease out of him, but really, this is still basically the worst case scenario, having to move again.

There’s not much I can say really — we either move locally (if we can find something and afford it), move somewhere else in Sydney (if it makes sense and we can afford it, but we have to change everything), or we move out of Sydney altogether (which means change, but change we want, and it will be cheaper).

I honestly favour option three and have had leaving Sydney on my mind for some time now, so maybe this sudden forced change is what we need to do it.

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