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Mixed-up day

It appears that I will be going to work tomorrow… even thoug I was heavingly sick at one point today. I mean, really throwing up big time. Of course, work in the office could last a day in favour of coming back here, but we’ll see. I’d like it to be like that more often, but no one in this country ever seems to see it that way.

I’d like to be better health-wise though. Thought I was really, until the sick episode, but then I’ve been so-so since. Still coughing, still had a sleep late in the day. Hard to say where this is going.

Went out for lunch at Wenty Leagues, then found we were too late (delayed by the previous sick episodes), then just had chips and stuff. No one else is really that well either, and the kids got a good chicken nugget lunch, which is good for them. Will especially, who probably had his largest meal in a couple of weeks.

Watched Australia’s first gold medal win today. Stephanie Rice — hot media darling-with talent! — and it was good to see it, though it was almost expected so I don’t think it was that surprisingly. More to come presumably, but with all the swimming finals at lunchtime I guess I’ll just be watching replays most likely, and reading up on news online. Unless work is into it.

Sunday night is always like this… a dull foreboding, a realisation the weekend is over again… it’s never the best feeling. This time it’s been over a week since I had to make the commute. I need to change the situation here, even if it’s just a vastly shorter commute. Will have to see where things are heading.

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