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Back in line

Back to the office today… to the 2+ hours on the train, the cold mornings, the still morning coughs…

Always looking for the positive, at least I generally get a seat and can read my book, but then again, the trains were late and I just felt ill by the end of the morning trip anyway…

Haha… I’m just a barrel of laughs when I think about this stuff. I know enormous amounts of people would just tell me to suck it up and persevere… which of course I do anyway, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it either. While I know I really need a complete change, the easiest thing I could see doing would be to just get something closer to home. Parramatta seems the most logical choice, but there’s surprisingly little it would appear, at least for me.

Of course, there are other, better, and more serious long term options… they require certain things of course.

I need to make the moves here for so many reasons … but really almost entirely for my sons. Just tonight I saw how after one day Will seemed more frantic for my attention and more upset I couldn’t always give it to him in the limited evening time. Saw nothing of the sort last week, even though I did have to work some time — he was just better with me here.

I do exactly the same work at home as I do in an office. I know I can’t be at home every day, but I know I can for many. Commuting in a joke, especially when it’s to a silent office where I do everyting online anyway. This has got to change.

On the completely lighter side, Burn Notice started it’s new seasons, and it’s great fun. So well done, well written. It’s amazing to think that US cable is in such a good state that Burn Notice is almost “average”. This branch of the medium is that good now.

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