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Too much sport is about usual right now

The Olympics started last night … and I watched the opening ceremony, of course. And then today, I watched a few things, the Men’s Cycling Road Race mainly, but also a little swimming and whatever else was on. We were telling ourselves a few days ago we wouldn’t watch much, but naturally we are already.

And I watched Wests have a pretty good win against St George. Couldn’t really watch it last nigt, so I recorded it, got up this morning, and watched early when I didn’t know the result. 18-10, pretty good hard fought win. Was good to watch it “live”, and I guess they’re worth watching still 🙂

Getting better health-wise I think … clearer headed, but still coughing in this cold weather. Probably means office on Monday, not sure how I’ll handle that.

Getting more worried about Will’s eating… after another attempt at bribery tonigt, we’ve ended saying he can’t watch any movies tomorrow because he didn’t eat his dinner … not sure how this will go but we have to try it. It’s getting to be a real worried, and he seems more distressed about it than usual. But it’s clearly psychological, which is what worries me most.

Hmmm…. more Olympics tomorrow I guess. And League shows. See post title…

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