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The best f*&ken band in the world

Well, in my world, at least.

The Hold Steady, straight out of Brooklyn, via Minneapolis originally, have a new album out next month, and a new single out, well, today. I’ve been waiting for this for months, had been keeping an eye on their website … and now I’ve heard it for the first time on Triple J. Of course…

Their new single “Sequestered in Memphis” has that great rock ‘n’ roll sound of theirs, with big guitars, organ and even some Memphis horns in there as well. The new album is out on July 16 — “Stay Positive”. I love it already for the title if nothing else, but some brief descriptions excite me already.

Hopefully it will be on emusic again when it’s released — for my favourite band in the world right now, it’s funny I don’t own one CD by them — I have everything they’ve ever done, and then some, electonically, all legal, from emusic. Apparently it’s out on Rough Trade, probably the best fully indie label in the world. Another good sign. Of course, if it’s not on emusic, I’ll just be buying a CD …

Bring it on …

The Hold Steady -- Stay Positive

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