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The night before the day off

June long weekend time, when us Aussies get a holiday Monday that apparently relates to the Queen’s birthday even though it’s not even close to her birthday. Eh … if we became a Republic we’d just find another reason for the same holiday of course.

But I love the Sunday night on these weekends. The night that is usually early, and slightly panicked, with planning for the next day’s work, suddenly becomes so relaxed, and laid back. It’s just a completely different vibe, where you can do as you please for a change.

Had lunch at the parent’s today, watched small amounts of really boring league games (Wests won and won convincingly last night, but I could only watch the highlights), and watched Will and Alex tear around the house there until they collapsed from exhaustion. Another fun day …

Have several fronts to work on with my extra day off … some woodworking outside, some cleaning and moving there too … and hopefully some writing and future planning right here.

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