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Four-year-old energy

That wouldn’t be energy that’s four years old, that would be the energy of a four-year-old. Specifically, mine.

When Will goes all afternoon without any real rest of sleep, he usually crashes between 5 and 6. Tonight, I got home at 6.20pm to find him drifting off to sleep in his chair, having just barely finished eating dinner (2 minute noodles, of course). He slept there for a while (it’s best not to move him), but when he wakes up he’s just so full of energy again that he’ll go all night if we let him!

Tonight we had a friend staying over, so he was quite pleased with that. But after we put him to bed at about 9pm, it was “Aunty Cathy! Aunty Cathy!” constantly from his room, so Cath actually did entertain him some more, and read to him some more, then we put him back to bed.

And it’s now after 11, Cath has gone to bed, we’re going to bed, and Will is still awake, still looking for attention … amazing energy šŸ™‚

(And did something just get better at work today? I honestly don’t really know yet …)

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