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Song of the moment — “The Bleeding Heart Show”, The New Pornographers

Have finally been listening to The New Pornographers Recently. I’ve heard some of their stuff before of course, and got Carl Newman’s new solo album from emusic recently (and have heard some Neko Case works as well), but I finally grabbed a New Pornographers album from emusic too.

And it’s more magnificently done pure pop. I’m listening to Twin Cinema now, but will be grabbing more as soon as I can.

So many standout songs on this album, but I especially love “The Bleeding Heart Show”. An absolutely gorgeous song… especially the middle 8 refrain just before the first chorus. Just… wow.


The Bleeding Heart Show – The New Pornographers

This is what pop should be… if the entire music industry wasn’t so completely backward about everything, these guys would be top of the charts. As it stands, the charts are irrelevant now, and smart people know where to find good music. Thank goodness for that.

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