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Back on the job

Well I don’t get a massive say in it right now, so it’s best to be positive. Holiday over, back on the day job tomorrow. We got back from Nelson Bay last night, so there was one more day off, and we had a “lovely” 40 degree day out here today (that’s celcius people!)

Spent most of the afternoon at Westpoint, the local shopping centre. Best air conditioning in town, naturally, though we had to take Will with us. He seems to have what I had a week ago, so he’s sick as a dog, and the weather is no fun for him at all. He has the saddest weakest little voice when he’s in this state… hope he’s better soon 🙁

Should be back in the swing of things tomorrow, though it’s a slow start until next week, and will be interesting to see where the job goes. It has to change — will it get better, or go nowhere?

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