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Truly mobile now

Anyone who’s read this before might just be wondering how on earth I’m happily blogging away while being at Nelson Bay, in a house I can proudly say has never had a phone connection (why pay month when it’s only occupied a few months a year in total?)

And the answer of course is that we’ve joined the wireless Internet age. Just before Christmas, we picked up an Optus pre-paid wireless Internet USB thing. So now with the eeePC brilliance, we can be online anywhere (that a mobile phone works, of course). And pre-paid is best, because it’s a service I can neither afford or want to pay for, or want to use, every month, but when we’re away on a trip, or have some other event or work, I can be online easily. Like two weeks away, now even better with web news, fun and blogging.

Connection speed is pretty good, and setup was surprisingly easy. Was especially impressed with the lack of install discs (considering my eeePC has no CD drive!) — all software is installed straight off the USB key, which was handy and unexpected. Once that’s setup, it’s easy, and it reminds me slightly of using an old dial up modem, except it’s much faster… barely any different from my home cable (Optus really need to upgrade their cable speed).

Well, glad to have this service, will even do some work with it at various points (especially to get the all important tax deduction!). Should have some good uses.

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