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Boxing Day

There’s a lot of stories about what Boxing Day is supposed to be, but in my time it’s just a day of rest — relaxation, fun, family time. We’re at Nelson Bay now, and today we started really early. Will and Alex both act a little wacky at first; probably something about the different routine from being on holidays.

But an early start is a good thing, and we get ourselves away to the beach quite soon. It’s Dutchies Beach for now, a small inner bay beach that’s perfect for kids. Quuite warm, but we’re there just after 9am, so it’s still early. But it’s crowded anyway, and will only be moreso later in the week.

Beach fun for us consists of a few major activities right now. Will and Alex both potter around the edge, taking tentative steps into the water. It’s kind of cold still, so even I was tentative a little. Will likes to dodge the waves, and Alex likes to run away… constantly! You spend most of the time at the beach chasing him around… but it’s all in good fun. Will was more confident in the water than the last time we were here, earlier this year, which was good to see. He seemed keen to jump in deeper and generally do a lot more. Last summer he barely wanted to get in the water.

So we only last about an hour and a half at the beach… eventually it’s too hot, and Will is pretty tired after the last day and little sleep, and Alex just wants to escape one time too many… so we depart, head back home and generally it’s relaxation central. As it should be. I get into some more Guitar Hero playing, including my so-far personal favourite with “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt. Really rocks out 🙂

Had a short afternoon shopping trip, which was notable largely for messy icecreams and a fun jumping castle. Will went to sleep quite early after essentially hitting the wall from two days of festiveness and about half the sleep he should have had (not to mention little food). I played with Alex for a while, which is always fun — he’s so close to talking, but not quite there yet.

A quiet night, too late as usual… watch this “Tin Man” minseries — really only because of Zooey, but it was interesting anyway. Some fun moments. And the day seems to end with me watching some sickening but sadly compelling footage from a Tsunami doco… it’s four years since that awful event. Hmmm…. won’t watch it all, that’s for sure… too late anyway.

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