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Christmas cheer

After truly hideous weather yesterday, we woke up today and it was warm, sunny and only got better during the rest of the day. Really nice Christmas this year, with Will more exciited than ever before about the whole event, and we certainly made sure all wishes were fulfilled.

Will only wanted one thing this year… and as arranged, the Pixar Short Films Collection is finally his. Not to mention several more videos (Happy Feet, Lazy Town), various clothes, more Cars figurines, outdoor tennis and golf toy sets and so much more. For Alex  it’s not quite the same, but he’s a happy little guy and he enjoyed the day as well. His main present was a big metail Tonka truck, a solidly traditional toy that so sums up his personality. More videos, clothes and other books, and we’ve got a house full of new toys. It’s amazing how much you can get if you start enough in advance.

Wonderful highlights was seeing Will be so generous — when he went into Alex’s present bag he then started giving Alex his presents! Will’s really embraced the season… lots of “Merry Christmas” and hugging and it’s just so cute…!

We packed a ridiculous amount into today… spent the morning from eaarly hours with the boys opening presents, then the morning packing to travel, then lunch and the afternoon with the parents, with more presents and festivities. Then we packed up our already thoroughly full car and headed up to Nelson Bay at 6.30pm. Good thing it’s such a good trip now and we made it just on nightfall, just before 9pm.

Quick recovery… and some time on my highlight present — I finally have Guitar Hero! My lovely wife got me Guitar Hero: World Tour, just the guitar pack, but that’s all that made sense for now. Great stuff, already tried a few songs. Personal present highlight on a wonderful family day!

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