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Frustrating markets

We’ve already been turned down officially for the first place we put in an application for housing for. This hasn’t happened before, I don’t think… really. I don’t recall ever putting in a full application and not getting the house. That’s the nature of the market these days, or something, I guess. Still doesn’t tell us where we’re living in two weeks time though.

Took Will for another hospital visit today… he’s pretty good except when he freaks at the doctors when they want to look at his bag area… hard not to see his point, but still tough for all. And the whole visit was 3+ hours instead of one… everyone had had enough by the end of that.

The Emmys were on tonight, and chose not to watch the now completely cutdown local airing of the show. (Chose to watch severeal winners instead). Should write about them tomorrow when I’ve seen the full list.

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