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Remy likes vegemite!

That is just one of the things I learned from Will today… he’s just full of conversation 🙂 It’s so good to see him engaging with food like this, possibly for the first time ever — Ratatouille is just another Pixar miracle, for a whole different reason. But who knew that Remy the rat liked Australia’s favourite yeast extract?

Just a lot of cleaning house and packing house today… at least talking to Will makes it more fun. Do a little grocery shopping, watching a lot of Daily Show.

Finally got around to watching the Republican convention week on The Daily Show… funny and scary at the same time. Jon manages to say more about the Republicans than any “real” news program. They get jokes by investigating… so good. And the Republicans … just scary.

Weekends are too short… well, guess I’ll get some extra time off with house moving, not that it’s particularly fun or anything. Ha…!

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