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Personal time clocks

It’s funny how things work at the moment… with Will still in hospital, Sallie still there with him, and me shuffling around between hospital and home, and then going back to work tomorrow, it all makes things right out of whack. I mean, of course Will easily has it worst of everyone, and Sallie isn’t getting any sleep at all… so while I have the least issues, I can see the point from which we’re all out of it.

You lose your whole personal schedule, or personal time clock, when something like this happens. None of our routines continue, none of our usual plans happen. We’ll get over it. But it’s all kind of disconcerting.

Hopefully Will is coming home tomorrow… I don’t want to be away from there for too long if he’s not. It’s been nice (in a sad way) to see just how much he values my presence while he’s in hospital. Wish it didn’t have to happen at all, but it’s nice to be wanted this much.

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