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Nintendo did not create the semi-naked dancing girl

According to an article on Reuters, Nintendo would like the world to know they are NOT responsible for a poular viral video that shows a cute girl gyrating on a Wii Fit board in her underwear.

Well, glad they cleared that up.

For those unfamilar, here is the video from YouTube:

It’s a fun bit of clear marketing and amusement, but Nintendo insists they’re not responsible for this video that’s been viewed 2.2 million times. Of course, since by its own admission it was created by a guy from a viral marketing agency in Florida, I think a lot of people didn’t believe them.

Of course, it seems even more obvious that this was a creation of the marketing agency to promote themselves, and what better way to prove your credentials in this area than to create a highly successful video. And it’s not like Wii Fit needed more promotions really, I hear it’s quite successful anyway.

Which reminds me … I really want to get this Wii Fit thing soon anyway 🙂

(See, marketing works, sometimes!)

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