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Clearly I sucked in the State of Origin

Well, the second State of Origin was on tonight, and NSW lost big time, going down 30-0 to Queeensland, who seemed like a completely different team to game one (and in a lot of ways were).

Of course, the cryptic title refers to the rookie Blues winger, Steve Turner. I noticed this guy years ago, when he was in Penrith lower grades, then he moved to Melbourne, and now he’s jumped straight into State of Origin. And did pretty badly, with his poor defense letting in the first two tries …

But naturally, with a 30-0 scoreline, everyone did pretty badly.

It’s an odd thing when someone of prominance appears with the same name as you. I’d hate to know what the other Dick Cheney’s out there think, for instance. Or in Australia, very lefty actor John Howard can’t have been impressed with repulsively conservative former PM John Howard, for instance.

I guess there’s only a very limited number of name combinations to go around …

Anyway, bring on Game 3 of the State of Origin series … I might even be there!

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