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Fox News surprises no one

Scalzi has another great post commenting on the latest “unbelievable but really not unbelievable at all” idiocy from Fox News about Barack Obama.

It’s all about race of course, but what’s important really, is that the specifics don’t matter at all. Fox Newsa exists to attack anyone that isn’t a lily white conservative Republican, so no matter who the Democrats put up as a candidate, Fox News was going to go after them.

That’s the simple answer to give to anyone who says “oh why did the Dems put up a black guy as a candidate, they should have known Fox would say this”.

Fox News will do whatever they can do discredit the Democrat. No matter who they are. Imagine what they would have been doing with Hillary if she’d been the candidate. In some ways, since it seems that all they have to attack Obama with is race and (false rumours about) religion, at least it’s transparent, and already attracting negative attention. And Fox News is even down in the ratings a little.

Fox News managed to tarnish a lily white male Christian war hero in 2004 (John Kerry), so none of this is surprising at alll. And I still go back to my original thoughts on this matter — it’s quite likely these attacks won’t work anyway, since the only people who are going to vote negatively based on race are people who would never have voted Democrat anyway.

And at least there’s a consensus now that Fox News is a total fucking joke.

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