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It’s my first day …

While it’s easy to recall a Homer Simpson-style joke from that headline, I certainly didn’t have any Homer Simpsons-style screw-ups from my first day as Web Producer for Australian Penthouse magazine. Meeting people, learning various tools, reading and research, the usual first day kind of stuff.

The commute was tough — actually got a seat nearly the whole time, which surprised me a little. But still, sitting on a train for that long is kind of difficult anyway. But I suppose I’ll get used to it …

Old job managed to screw me royally withmy termination payment, which still hasn’t gone through you but should sometime tomorrow. Guess there isn’t much I can do, but it’s made the last few days quite difficult, to say the least.

And wasn’t the weather today just a joke? Cold, rain, wet … like some kind of weather deity decided to remind us just how much we were losing with the end of daylight savings.

Really, I’m positive and confident about these new things, honest!

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