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Toys for big kids …

While it’s undoubtedly childish, it’s also incredibly fun … a guy in the US has started making custom weapons for Lego figures. Everything from world war 2 weapons to pulse rifles from Aliens and everything fictional and real in-between. Check out the pics at the Brickarms site or a Gizmodo interview with the creator.

It’s funny really the new life that Lego has online … adults who are either recapturing their childhood, or enjoying a new one with their kids are becoming Lego fans in a big way. And the Lego company has responded pretty well to this, providing custom brick sales and bulk sales of specialist pieces. And it’s not even that childish of course — adult creators are building complicated models and doing scientific designs, but most of all they’re just having fun with it.

I can get behind that … and while I haven’t bought any new Lego yet, I would really like to. Both to get Will and Alex into it more, but also for my own fun 🙂

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