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300 posts and other things that couldn’t happen soon enough

I noticed when I really got back into the blog at the start of this year that I was barely over 200 posts in the whole history of the blog. Now this is post 300, which is quite a pace — and I like to think they’re useful posts as well.

My personal highlight has been the Underbelly characters post, though I wish of course I’d een able to get the pics working on that one. And the minor post on the Google law suit with the real estate guys ended up being the most popular thing Ive done — who knew that shonky real estate agents had so much Google juice!

As for everything else, now I wish that my current job would just end, and fortunately enough it will soon enough … but I have to do as much as I can to keep in contact with people.

And the new job is a big challenge, one I start to get an idea of on Thursday with a half day’s training (on my birthday — the upside being the rest of the day off!)

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