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Happy birthday to me!

Well, another birthday, another year … a nice day to be sure, but I try not to think of too many other implications of course …

Better than usual because I took a day off work today, then proceeded to go into my new job for four hours for some startup training. Knocked off there just before 1pm, did some various shopping and really long commuting to the point that I didn’t get home until 4.30pm, but that was cool. It’s my day, I got paid by 2.15pm and I could do as I pleased.

What I did do was buy a telescope from Aldi (of all places!) I’d written down a few wekes ago that I wanted to get a telescope at some point, as astronomy is something that’s always had some interest for me. Then suddenly Aldi comes up saying they’re selling some for $80, from my birthday and payday. Hard to refuse …

After assembly and some outside practice, I’ve learned two things: it’s nowhere as dark at home as I thought it was, and operating a telescope is harder than it looks. But it seems like a good unit — bloody brilliant in fact for $80!

Nice enough dinner at the leagues club across the road — it’s amazing how well behaved Will and Alex are compared to most other kids πŸ™‚ Early start gave us an early finish and an actual dinner at the same time as the kids.

Life on Mars was brilliant tonight, probably the best ever. Should write about that more in the morning.

So, happy birthday to me πŸ™‚

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