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Making and breaking

Now that I’m letting myself think I can afford a few things, I am thinking about how to move the PC from the loungeroom (where it’s mostly a media centre but terrible for the task) back to the office/sunroom where it can be used more usefully, especially by Sallie, who’s sick of a nine year old laptop she uses for everything. And in its place, I’m looking at building a small, low power, media PCthat will be stripped down in features, quiet and easy to use, but do everything it needs to and be on the house network.

While working at home today, I spent some time researching all these mini-ITX motherboards and low voltage power supplies and other things for very cheap operation of a good media PC. This page is especially useful, just run by some college student in the US, but it really gave me tonnes of ideas. Even in the local lingo, I could do it for as little as $250, and I can see some wooden casemod plans in my future.

In other news, the blog still isn’t fixed, but that will be in action by the end of the week … ha ha …

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