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Nothing technical is working … everything else is good

Lunch at the parent’s today, with Will positively gidy dwith joy at having the backyard to walk through, to sit by the barbecue fire with his Granddad, and run himself ragged up and down stairs to the sundeck. Alex just enjoyed the walking practice and the exploration. A fun afternoon.

But back here, this blog isn’t really even working right now — I suspect crap Optus web space is to blame — so no one is even reading this! At the end of the week when I get paid, I am signing up for some real web space, converting all of this to WordPress and diverting the domain for real. That will make it all legit, properly set-up and actually let me do things properly, like upload images. Then this site will really get the detail it deserves, and that will only cost about $50 a year!

And the media centre is mental, with the D drive crazy on that PC only. Something has got to change there … depends on the layout and the money.

And for the first time in years, we might just have the money for that …

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