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A day of frustration, with fun links …

A day that started off OK, then ended up feeling really frustrating, at least in a professional sense. Some amusement in the morning that at least gave me the illusion of being involved, but then an afternoon that dragged on and on with no end in sight. It usually ends eventually of course, but then usually much later than everyone else there.

However, Happy Birthday Mum! Won’t say how old she is here, but it’s a major, even age.

Some amusing and interesting links this afternoon though:

Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?
Is this brilliance or idiocy? Hard to say really, but it is in the tech section, so I can’t really complain about their political seriousness. Kind of a funny idea though, but it does have a fairly thorough examination of their websites. Someone should forward this to John Hodgman and see what he thinks 🙂

Time Space Map
Now if this is handled well, this could really be a great site. A Google Maps mashup that is a bit like Wikimapia, but takes the 4th dimension, allowing you to plot history on the site. Will develop as people add to it, but could be a great resource.

Angry Journalist
Now I can see myself adding to this one … on some days anyway. Basically an anonymous complaints box where you can write and read angry comments on the profession. Sometimes inspiringly true, sometimes sad, sometimes pathetic.

Let’s make tomorrow better …

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