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Even Mensa thinks some TV is smart

That’s hardly an unheard of accusation in these parts, as I’m big on smart TV and always have been.

But I read today about a list from international genius group Mensa, that lists their smartest TV shows (of all time presumably).

As an aside, I can’t believe I didn’t read about this list online first, instead it was a piece on the local mX free newspaper — which is usually rubbish and full of things I read online anywhere from a day to a week previously. But not this time.

Mensa seems to have a pretty good set of criteria for their selections, with most of the list having a logic to it that is hard to fault:

1. M*A*S*H
2. Cosmos
3. CSI
4. House
5. The West Wing
6. Boston Legal
7. All in the Family
8. Frasier
9. Mad About You
10. Jeopardy!

M*A*S*H is smart and funny, Cosmos was the most famous science show of all time, CSI is dumb but scientific, House is predictable but medical, The West Wing is just brilliant, Boston Legal is funny but makes you think about the law, All in the Family is really way before my time and I wonder about that one, Frasier could be smart, but again I have to wonder, Mad About You was cute, but what the hell? and Jeopardy! is an easy one, being one of the smartest quiz shows around.

Of course, again, it’s just a list a group has made … very American as well of course. If I was going to include more Aussie shows I would have added things like The Chaser’s War on Everything and Wildside, and more broadly my own list would definitely have included The Day Show over some of the other choices.

Finally found the story online with a few searches, can’t beleive I didn’t read it online first!

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