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Sleepy time

It’s an odd situation when both parents in a house want to go to be, and the three-year-old doesn’t …

This is what happens when Will puts himself to bed at 5pm, then wakes up at 10pm when his brother is ill. You get two grumpy kids, one sick, one tired …

But Will cheers up easily when he’s well, and I read him Monster’s Inc (his latest obsession, always Pixar of course!), but half way through he got bored and decided he wanted the other version of Monsters instead.

By then it was midnight, and we wanted to go to bed, so Will sat in the loung room with the lights off, whinging loudly … nothing for it but to put him to bed quite directly, you’d assume.

Then he just quietly wanders off to bed of his own accord, like nothing ever happened 🙂

Ah, the willfulness of a three-year-old 🙂

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