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Things I know today:

It can still be dark in the morning in the middle of summer.

A mobile phone just isn’t good enough anymore as an alarm (where’s my Chumby!)

A three-year-old will usually tell you he hates things even when he doesn’t, especially first thing in the morning.

My salary isn’t going far enough, at least based on what I have to do every month.

If it can rain this summer, it will — always.

My job really is office-optional — when you sit at a desk using a web browser and communicating via YIM, you really can do that anywhere. If they want me to be there for a reason, they should invite me to a meeting or something.

The work day never goes fast enough.

Northern State are really, really good! Thank goodness for being allowed to listen to music at work, listening to their album “Can I Keep This Pen” and having my own private party 🙂 Fun, fun, fun … both poppy, good clever rap and great beats. Love the girls, wonder why they aren’t more well known. This is the good and bad of the music industry right here — it’s great they can make a go of it themselves without a major label, but it’s ridiculous they aren’t high on the charts. They make music that would have commercial appeal — if enough people heard it.

Apparently it always has to rain right when I’m going home. Always … this summer at least.

The kids are both at an age where they’re either asleep when I get home, or soon will be. Oh well, I guess there’s always the weekend.

Mary Louise Parker is really hot, and Weeds is really funny. Except when it’s dark and serious. Which works too. It can often be both at the same time, which is even better.

I always go to bed too late, even when I don’t mean to.

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