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Heath Ledger: Death accidental, pointless also

This was what it looked like, and now it’s official:

Ledger’s death a warning to others: dad

Heath Ledger’s family says the official finding that the 28-year-old actor died of an accidental drug overdose should put an end to speculation about his death.

While sadly I think they’re naive if they think this will end speculation — everything is a conspiracy now, no matter how banal the truth is — this would seem to be proper confirmation that Ldger was killed through a tragic but stupid, and entirely pointless, misuse of far too many prescription drugs at the same time. It does seem to me as if this is far easier to do in the US than anywhere else (certainly Australia), but that doesn’t change much now.

So that’s another young talent pointlessly dead, and a child fatherless. At least we’ll have The Dark Knight later this year. And this is defeinitely the most pointless celebrity death since Jeff Buckley.

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