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Triple J Hottest 100 2007 — Wikipedia style

The Hottest 100 contest was a week ago, and for the most part it was quite enjoyable. Really was surprised that Muse song Knights of Cydonia ended up number one — it’s not that I hate it, but I find it really so terribly average and a bit silly that I can’t believe it topped the thing. From my ten picks, I have seven made the chart, which was quite good for me.

Anyway, I found today that Wikipedia has a page for the charts this year (and every other year) that is really better than Triple J’s own list, full of annotations, trivia, and a helpful flag icon so you can see where each song comes from.

This year, there was 52 Australian songs, 20 American songs, 17 English songs, four Canadian (Tegan and Sara X2, Feist and The Arcade Fire), three French (Daft Punk, Soko and Justice), one German (Digitalism), one Scottish (The Fratellis, but not the one I voted for!), one Norwegian (Jose Gonzalez) and one Swedish (The Hives). Australian songs always do well in the list, but that wasn’t always the case.

Anyway, check the list out, it’s a great resource and lets you find out about all the bands and many of the songs (as far as I can tell, local band Blue Juice are the only ones without a Wikipedia page at all!)

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