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An 18-year-old today …

Charles Stross had an interesting post today that related to a long studied uni project that looks at the life experience of the new freshman class each year. It’s a very American study, so he took it further and thought about the British experience from his point of view and the view of British youth.

So naturally, I want to think about it from the Australian perspective. Much of what he discussed (and others in his comments) is of course international, but I still want to think about specifically Australian elements. Especially since I’m trying to write a novel with six main characters that fit right into that age group.

To me, it’s still all about the Internet. I remember getting my first at-home Internet conenction when I was 20 — yes, 20! (I’d had any exposure to it at all for about a year beforehand at uni). Of course, that’s nothing on a lot of other people, but I do find myself envious at times looking at kids (many of them my work colleagues now) who grew up with the Net as a permanent presence, from the age of 10 or less. I’m sure it changes people’s perspective on the world, in all kinds of ways.

Sadly, I want to write more on this, but will be headling for sleep now instead (it’s later than the post says). Maybe more on it soon, including a list on a more Australian perspective of this qauestion. Read the link to Charlie Stross to get an idea.

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