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Found some great links at the Guardian online today:

A clever as hell diamond heist in London.

If someone else doesn’t use this as the start of a film script, then I will πŸ™‚

An interview with Brit graffiti artist “Banksy”.

Fascinating stuff. Haven’t heard of the guy before, but the story is so damn interesting it makes me want to check out his work right now. His website. There’s two books of his work there that aren’t too expensive. The black stencil/copier style art reminds me of Brian Wood’s Channel Zero graphic novel, and I suppose they have similar political views. Gives me some ideas of my own of course πŸ™‚

A few other things… up for a good job right now, should know in a day whether I’m getting it. Interview wasn’t even quite a week ago, but the agency I went through has been good about this, so they should be in contact with me by tomorrow. Hopefully this renewed activity here is the start of something big πŸ™‚

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