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Sallie’s down here for a couple of weeks from today, which is always a good thing. I actually managed to find her some work at where I’m working right now. Job sounds fairly boring, but it’s work, and after a mini-disaster with her last work in Sydney, she’s happy to have it as well.

While I know she’s happy to see me as well, she’s hardly happy to be here though. It was very cold this morning – I ended up feeling ill just from coming to work. Probably below zero – it was cold enough to get my chest messed up just from breathing in the air. Not much snow though…

Sallie seems quite grumpy at the moment, and I don’t blame her. Kind of gets to me in the same way, except I’m stuck here 🙂 Things continue… I mean, I may be penniless and in debt, but there’s still enough to get by (though sometimes barely!) and it’s good when Sallie’s here. Sydney jobhunting continues, but there’s little luck there again. Reading a good book called “Tapping the Hidden Job Market”, which has a lot of hints on what I should be doing to get the really good work out there.

Of course, there’s other things that I know are ultimately more important in the long run… just a matter of balancing the need for immediate money with the need to focus my headspace on the truly important things… dilemmas… 🙂

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