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It’s a strange experience to have someone ask you about your website, then watch them go and check it out while you’re standing right there. Just happened at work of course, and already I knew it would look crap because there’s so many things wrong here!

Just another sympton of the situation of course, but they were more interested in the blog setup than anything else I guess, so that wasn’t so bad. Reminded me how much I really need to fix this place up, redesign the page template and redo much of the content. It wouldn’t even be that hard, and every time I check the stats and discover that I’m getting upwards of half a dozen visitors everyday anyway (not a lot I know, but when you’re doing bugger all with the site, it’s still a surprise to find people coming to see it,) I know how well I could do here if I actually put more into it.

Suppose I’ll be getting setup soon, and maybe as well, depending on how I feel about that (and how many movies I can actually manage to see.) especially will have to be well thought out, because it will be a business, whereas this is just for fun, even if it does manage to help my profile or let people know what I’m doing.

Simplest first step of course is to fix up the top graphic bar. I like the sound of “ – conformity is not an option” as a tagline for now. Simple and elegant is in, so there’s really no reason why I can’t design this well.

One step at a time… just got to take the step…

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