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Proof of life at the half-year mark

It is the half year mark, and despite meagre offerings here, I really have done a lot with myself this year.

Personally, and creatively, I have written 70,000 words in the best part of about four months (February to May) with is the most sustained length of writing I’ve done in far too long. But screw how long it’s been, the more important thing is how I’ve done now. The next phase is the harder work — editing it together and have it make more sense — but a complete draft of a novel in less than six months is a hell of a thing, and I’m really glad I’ve done it.

Professionally business has been largely quiet. The drought bites into everyone and there isn’t a lot going on around here, but in the last month I suddenly find myself in a very large, lucrative project with council. It has its own challenges and its own problems of course, and it’s slightly behind now too, but only slightly. I expect a finish on that within two weeks at the most and I might even talk about it more when I surface at the end and can really think about what went right and what went wrong.

In terms of the things I like to watch and read, Marvel rules the world really (End Game and Captain Marvel are the only times since January I made it to a movie theatre), been reading some OZYa, and Netflix has changed the world of animation, but we even managed last weekend to suddenly build ourselves a backyard movie theatre setup! Winter has its own challenges outside, but it’s a surprisingly impressive setup with little work…

Family is wonderful, the world around us… somehow less so… but we continue on.

My plans for the second half of the year: more editing and more writing, try to do more to improve this place called Coonabarabran, and pondering just what it is I should be doing professionally in the longer term. WISP? Different business? Same business better? Many things out there…


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