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Four weeks and five operations later

I wanted to get to this sooner, but really, nothing was important than being there with Will as much as possible, and I didn’t always feel like writing things down.

But that’s changed. We brought Will home tonight. Well, home in as much as the hospital apartments that I’ve been living in for a month and Sallie for nearly four, but it means Will is officially out of hospital now. And it feels good 🙂

He’s finally out, after almost exactly four weeks, and five separate operations. His kidney transplant was seen as a success almost straight away, but he’s had significant problems with his bladder both before and after the transplant. He had more surgery to correct that problem, and while it was never dire, there was a couple of weeks in which he didn’t look that good at all.

But that is past, and he is improving immensely. I’d even say he’s back to his old self, all full of his quirky, sometimes unknowing, humour, and his usual happy and good nature. And I’m fine, needless to say. This has probably all been a bigger deal than I’d care to think or admit. When you’re in the middle of it you just get through it, you don’t think about how big things may have been. Later, well maybe…

So Will is out of hospital, we’re this much closer to really being home, and Christmas should be a good one.

(A new picture here when I can get him to stand still long enough and allow me… I’m serious!)

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  1. kelly
    kelly December 6, 2012

    Steve, so glad to hear Will is out and improving! Your words about it being a bigger deal and what its like in the middle really make sense to me. Fabulous to hear he’s back to his old self. I wish a wonderful Christmas for all your family! Plenty of photo ops to come.

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