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NRL TV — good for foreigners, not Aussie league fans

I’m both heartened and annoyed to find this site exists:

NRL TV — Watch live NRL games and replays online

It’s exactly what I’ve wished existed for years… for $15 a month you can watch all NRL games live or on replay. Perfect for the league fan who (like me), finds pay TV expensive and largely pointless. I would sign up for this in a second….

Except it’s not available to anyone in Australia.

Now I already know why this is, of course. It’s a Bigpond Sport site, and Telstra wants Australian NRL fans to sign up for Foxtel, pay the bloated and inefficient costs there, and get a massive load of stuff they don’t want, in addition to the sport they do want. Foxtel is $40 a month minimum, and so much of it is just crap (believe me, I did subscribe for about four years). The existing model of Pay TV is inefficient and unnecessary.

This online service would be brilliant… pay directly for the sport you want to watch and forget the rest. $15 would be great, and I’d watch plenty.

But no, not for you Australian NRL fan…

I think I’ll be checking out those VPN services again… (I always thought that would be to access foreign sites, not sites right at home!)


  1. Andy
    Andy June 20, 2011

    You could also try using a proxy server. I’m outside of Australia and a lot of the aussie sites are blocked to people overseas. I access the Australian sites through an Australian based proxy and can now watch all the content. You could try an overseas based proxy.

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