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Super Will saves the day again

On Saturday… let’s just say Sallie and I were having an argument. Doesn’t matter why, or what it was about (nothing substantial, as is so often the case), but it happens. Nothing but verbal sparring, of course, but in retrospect, it’s never nice.

I may have said something to the effect of “well I should just go then!” in a huff… and Will was there too.

Suddenly, Will said, nice and loud, “Dad’s going to Moe’s!”

A Simpsons joke… defusing the situation… perfectly timed… and I just started laughing. I laughed and laughed. Sallie didn’t even hear what he said at first, but when I repeated it she laughed just the same.

And just like that, the argument was finished. Will didn’t even know how clever he’d been, but he worked a wonder. Again 🙂

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