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Shopping Day…

It’s not like shopping used to be that exciting… in fact, one of the good things about getting away from Sydney has been avoiding big shopping centres every weekend. But when you avoid them most of the time, I guess it makes the rare occasions that you get there just a little more exciting.

We bought clothes, books, games, and plenty of DVDs. It’s a big family day, and naturally most of what we got was for the kids… and naturally most of the trouble was from the kids 🙂 Made me remember another reason we got out of Sydney…!

We went to Rouse Hill today, a relatively new centre, quite nicely put together all on one level, designed as an open “town centre”, rather than a shopping centre. It’s easy to get into, easy to park, and easy to get around. Had some great Japanese for lunch… the no. 1 foodie thing we’re missing in Coonabarabran!

Picked up multiple TV series DVDs… including Buffy season 3, East West 101 season 2, Flight of the Conchords season 2, and The Wire season 5, while Sallie grabbed Glee season 1 and The Tudors season 2. That’s going to give us plenty to do right there 🙂

The boys were eventually kind of insane by the end of the day… don’t know if it’s the overload of the senses or just their tendency to get silly after a while at a shopping centre, but eventually we had to get out of there.

Back home tomorrow… that’s about five hours driving, though it seems to be getting easier every time I do it…

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