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News just in: Text Prize… I did not win

News just in this morning… I did not win the Text Prize for fiction…

Congratulations to Jane Higgins, winner of the 2010 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing, for her apocalyptic action novel The Bridge.

I’ll second that. Congratulations to Jane on her win, and congratulations to my fellow nominees for being shortlisted. May we all be published eventually!

See the Text Publishing site for more details, and the basic plot of Jane’s novel. It’s hard to tell of course from such a brief description, but The Bridge does sound like a compelling and exciting work.

I’ll be back here, writing away furiously on my next work, and perfecting the first News Bytes. Did I mention that News Bytes is most definitely a series? There was never really a place in the entry to indicate that, though I suppose the book itself gave some clues to that at the end.

But enough about me (that’s the only time you’ll ever hear this on my blog!) Congratulations to Jane again — may you have much success when the book is released.


  1. Jane Higgins
    Jane Higgins July 12, 2010

    Hi Steve,
    That’s kind of you – thank you for those thoughts! This is new territory for me, so very exciting. Like you, I wish every success to those on the shortlist. Best of luck with the Bytes series.

  2. SteveT
    SteveT July 13, 2010

    Thanks for the response, Jane! Times like this are when the Internet really just “works”! Best of luck with your book — you should have your own website to capitalise on this good fortune now! (WordPress is a great system for a writer’s website, but there’s heaps of ways to do it)

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